Charting and Finding Your Fulfilling Career

Author: Helen Whelan

Many of us will think of our careers as a progression based on titles or salaries. We visualize our life's work as a linear progression, hopefully pointing up to the right as time progresses with more happiness and money.  But a recent Harvard Business Review article points out that our own career happiness is actually a series of ups and downs with peaks and valleys. But, what if we could figure out a way to make wiser career choices and shorten the time to the next peak? Of course, that would entail knowing what makes us happy.finding and determining your best career path

Graphing our career over time can provide powerful conclusions. The added bonus is that drawing makes us think with a different more creative part of our brain than, for example, writing text.


3 Questions Can Help You Get What You Want

Author: Rosalind Joffe

Do you find yourself stuck doing the same thing over and over?   Do you getnegative energy stuck on replaying that negative conversation or running through what's wrong in your life, but nothing changes? Read More


Managing Your Life and Career: The Start Up of You

Author: Heather Kim

Reid Hoffman, the  founder of LinkedIn wrote a powerful book on how you can manage your own career. The book, The StartUp of You, takes an entrepreneurial bent on career advice which is quite empowering given all the change and competition each of us faces in the job market.

Here's a slide presentation to commemorate the one year anniversary of the book. It's full of wise advice.

E-Learning and Motivational DVDs

Stephen Covey as part of change management e learning course

Motivational DVDs and E learning courses to help you succeed in your career.

Develop your career and learn the traits of successful people. Great leaders such as Jack Welch, Howard Schultz and Stephen Covey show you the skills to strengthen yourself and self manage toward success.  

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