Did you know you don't need a prescription to see a physical therapist?

Author: Nancy Whelan,PT

October is National Physical Therapy Month! PT mythsDuring the month of October we want to make people aware of what physical therapy is and how physical therapists help improve an individual’s mobility, function, and decrease pain.


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Can your sandals be causing knee or back problems?

Author: Krista Magnoli, PTA

We all know that wearing sandals are comfortable, especially in summer time, but how good are they for our feet? Most sandals are very flat and have no support. This can be bad for our feet for several different reasons.

People that suffer from plantar fasciitis should not be wearing sandals unless they have some type of arch support. Even with an arch support, sandals should not be worn for long distance walking.sandals bad for the feet Unsupportive or flat sandals can even cause plantar fasciitis, which is a very painful condition on the bottom of the foot. Research has proven that our toes try to grab and grip the sandal every time we take a step to hold the sandal on our foot, causing a strain on the toes and ball of the foot. We also do not strike our heel when walking in sandals which impairs our stride which can cause knee pain.


How to Avoid Stiffness and Pain when Traveling

Author: Nancy Whelan,PT

Many people will travel during the next few months, and whether it is by plane or car there are a few simple tips to remember to avoid body aches and pains, and even life threatening issues.avoid stiffness and pain on the plane

As a physical therapist many patients ask about different ways to avoid low back pain while traveling. A simple answer is a lumbar support, which looks like a small pillow but is curved to support the low back. This can be used by people with or without low back problems and can be small enough to travel with on a plane. There are larger lumbar supports that can be used in the car during long road trips, as well. Although this is a helpful tool, another tip that is important to remember is to try to get up from your seat on a plane or out of your car for a stretch as often as possible.

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