Conversational Intimacy, Craved more than chocolate

Author: Judith E. Glaser

conversational intimacy

Intimacy starts with an intelligent conversation, a verbal or nonverbal valentine. Our brains are designed to be social. Our need for belonging is more powerful than our need for safety. When we are rejected, we experience pain in the same centers in the brain and body as when we are in a car crash. Being emotionally orphaned is more painful than death.

When others show us love, respect, and honor us, it triggers the same centers in the brain as when we eat chocolate, have sex, or are on drugs.

Learning these emotional facts of life will change how you live, love and lead. 


How to Care for Your Family and Nurture Yourself

Author: Rosemary and Phyllis

I recently traveled through Costa Rica, a small Central American country where peace of mind is a natural commodity. Visiting felt like a breath of fresh air with the slow pace of living and ecological mindfulness. The country has no need for a military presence and family life is a top priority.nurture yourself and care for your family

Meanwhile, high unemployment in the US continues to contribute to family stress. Boomers who have lost retirement funds are worried about their future. Millennials are moving back in with their parents.  Those parents are also caring for their aging parents. 

As you face your challenges head-on, try to delay immediate gratification for future gain. At the same time bring family values to the foreground: dig deep to find your roots and understand who you are and what you want. Figure out how to care for your family and still nurture yourself. Set concrete and specific long-range goals about what you want to accomplish. Identify short-term objectives as you work toward achieving them, step by step. Here's how.  Read More


Volunteering Equals Win Win

Author: Marci Garson

by Marci Garson

You’ve worked like a dog, raised your kids and now there’s a new equation: Volunteering one-on-one= win-win.volunteering

The first time we met 6 year–old Michael, he leaped out of his seat and threw his arms around my son Tosh.  “My very own volunteer!” he exclaimed as the social worker gently reminded Michael, “Big boys don’t hug, they shake hands.”   My son and I had already been prepped to be aware of our physical contact with Michael because, like the 300 other kids who live at The Pleasantville Cottage Schools in Westchester, NY, he had been physically and mentally abused and neglected.

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